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January 19, 2017 — Trump’s pick for Energy chief says Yucca Mountain can’t be ruled out — WASHINGTON: Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, tapped by President–elect Donald Trump to head the Energy Department, left open Thursday the possibility that Yucca Mountain could house nuclear waste in the future. Perry told the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee that he understood the position of Nevada’s bipartisan congressional delegation and Gov. Brian Sandoval that the facility should be mothballed because of intense opposition. But Perry would not rule out consideration of Yucca Mountain for future use — Las Vegas Review Journal [Print PDF]

January 12, 2017 — Energy chief: Bid to revive Nevada nuclear waste dump doomed — WASHINGTON: Any effort to revive the long-dormant nuclear waste dump at Nevada’s Yucca Mountain is doomed to fail because the project lacks support from elected officials in the state, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said Wednesday — Nevada Appeal [Print PDF]

January 11, 2017 — Members of Nevada Delegation Stand United Against Yucca Mountain — Dean Heller, US Senator State of Nevada

January 10, 2017 — YUCCA MOUNTAIN — Conflict looms for Trump between hotel and waste site — Floor–to–ceiling windows. A day spa. Valet parking. Those are some of the perks at the Trump International Hotel Las Vegas. Could a view of rail cars hauling nuclear waste be next? President–elect Donald Trump’s luxury Sin City spot and Yucca Mountain — the supposedly defunct desert repository that many in the nuclear industry want to revive — could be on a collision course. Yucca Mountain critics are pushing more and more to remind Trump that the project would devastate Nevada tourism, including his own hotel. But some former DOE officials and proponents of the project dismiss those concerns, saying nuclear waste bound for the repository would never come close to Trump's property — eenews.net [Print PDF]

December 26, 2016 — Rick Perry mum on Nevada's Yucca Mountain, but has backed interim solution — President-elect Donald Trump’s pick as energy secretary, Rick Perry, is not saying whether he intends to push for a revival of plans to entomb the nation’s highly radioactive waste at Nevada’s Yucca Mountain. But Perry’s 14–plus years as Texas governor might hold clues to his views, as he then supported creation of a temporary site in his state to store highly radioactive spent fuel piling up at nuclear power reactors there for decades — Las Vegas Review Journal [Related Story: Gaming group will help lobby against Yucca Mountain project ]

December 22, 2016 — WIPP gets state environment department’s approval to reopen — The New Mexico Environment Department on Thursday said it has given a federal nuclear waste repository the green light to reopen after a nearly three-year closure provoked by a radiation accident, clearing the way for the federal government to make the final determination — abqjournal.com

December 19, 2016 — Four companies chosen to pursue nuclear waste burial test — Four companies will pursue the possibility of conducting a test to determine whether nuclear waste can be buried far underground, federal energy officials announced Monday, months after two prospective sites in the Dakotas were abandoned over local opposition — Las Vegas Sun

December 19, 2016 — EDITORIAL: Now is not the time to get sleepy on Yucca waste dump — Las Vegas Sun [Print PDF]

December 16, 2016 — The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has developed a Draft Plan for a repository for disposal of high–level radioactive waste (HLW) resulting from DOE's atomic energy defense activities. This defense waste repository (DWR) could be used to dispose of some or all of the spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and HLW resulting from DOE's atomic energy defense activities and/or research and development activities. The DOE intends to use a consent–based process for siting the DWR and is preparing for that process by sharing the Draft Plan for public comment — DOE [Print PDF - 38 Pages]

December 15, 2016 — Agreement protects sprawling Nevada sculpture — eenews.net

December 14, 2016 — Shipments to Yucca Mountain would pass near Trump Hotel — Nuclear waste shipments to a proposed repository at Yucca Mountain would traverse within a mile of President–elect Donald Trump's hotel on the Las Vegas Strip if the project moves forward, officials said. The Trump Hotel, located on the Las Vegas Strip, sits within 0.5 mile to a mile of the route that would be used to transfer tons of highly–radioactive nuclear waste shipments to Yucca Mountain, Robert Halstead, director of the Nevada Agency for Nuclear Projects said. “The Trump property is within what we call the 800-meter region of influence for routine radiation.” pbtimes.com

December 10, 2016 — The return of Yucca Mountain?— Remember that time the federal government passed a law saying Nevada's Yucca Mountain should be the only place to bury the nation's high–level nuclear waste? Yeah, about that I — Las Vegas Review Journal [Print PDF]

December 08, 2016 — [Editorial ] With Harry Reid's retirement, will the Yucca Mountain plan be revived? — LA Times

December 06, 2016 — Chatter Continues on Trump's Yucca Mountain Plans — exchangemonitor.com

December 02, 2016 — DOE urges Trump team to ditch repository — The Obama administration is defending its rejection of the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site in Nevada to President-elect Donald Trump's transition team, documents obtained by E&E News show. In their brief to Trump's team, current Department of Energy leaders said Congress has supported the administration's position that the site is "unworkable" since 2011 by not approving any new funding for the repository — eenews.net [Print PDF]

November 29, 2016 — Yucca Mountain nuclear repository reemerges as media issue — Physics Today

November 22, 2016 — EDITORIAL: Leaders should fight to leave door shut on Yucca Mountain Storing nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain is a horrible idea regardless of who's in the Oval Office. To his credit, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval recognizes that and has announced he would continue to oppose the project after President-elect Donald Trump takes office — Las Vegas Sun [Mobil Link]

November 21, 2016 — Will San Onofre's waste wind up at Yucca Mountain? — sandiegouniontribune.com

November 18, 2016 — Officials discuss Yucca Mountain, growing nuclear waste storage problem — Officials laid out their varying opinions on what the nation should do about growing nuclear waste during the panel titled "Yucca Mountain – Is There Still a Pulse?" that took place during the American Nuclear Society Winter Meeting and Expo at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas — pvtimes.com

November 18, 2016 — Many obstacles remain before Yucca Mountain could accept first nuclear waste shipments — It would take more than a decade and cost at least $30 billion before the shuttered underground dump site at Yucca Mountain could begin accepting shipments of highly radioactive waste, according to experts on the controversial project — Las Vegas Review Journal [Print PDF]

November 15, 2016 — Sandoval says Nevada will fight any bid to revive Yucca Mountain nuclear waste project — CARSON CITY: Gov. Brian Sandoval said he isn't going to abandon his longstanding opposition to creation of a high-level nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain, whether or not President–elect Donald Trump or Congress renew efforts to entomb radioactive materials at the site 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas. Sandoval said Monday he has not yet had a conversation with Trump and does not know his position on Yucca Mountain — Las Vegas Review Journal [Print PDF] [Related Story]

November 02, 2016 — America's Nuclear-Waste Plan Is a Giant Mess — The Atlantic

November 02, 2016 — State opposition to Yucca remains firm — The Department of Energy's new interest in a using a consent–based siting approach for nuclear waste storage and disposal facilities doesn't change Nevada's opposition to Yucca Mountain, state officials said in a report — pvtimes.com [Print PDF]

October 27, 2016 — State of Nevada Comment Letter: [PDF 2 Pages] concerning DOE's Request for Public Comment on the draft report entitled: Designing a Consent–Based Siting Process: Summary of Public Input, published in the Federal Register, September 15, 2016 — State of Nevada

October 2016 — DOE Request for Information on Private Initiatives to Develop Consolidated Interim Storage Facilities — The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) requests information regarding private initiatives (PI) for making consolidated interim storage facility (ISF) services available to DOE for spent nuclear fuel (SNF) storage, whether a pilot–scale or larger–scale facility. DOE believes that potential host/neighboring communities, potential ISF operators and existing nuclear waste facility operators, among others, may be interested in responding to this RFI. — DOE: PDF 4 Pages

October 2016 — Designing a Consent-Based Siting Process: Summary of Public Input Report — The Department issued an Invitation for Public Comment on December 23, 2015 and held a kickoff meeting in January 2016 requesting feedback from communities, states, Tribal Nations, and other interested stakeholders on elements to consider in the design of a consent-based siting process. From March through July, the Department hosted a series of eight public meetings across the United States in order to engage with citizens at a national level and discuss the development of a consent-based approach to siting nuclear waste facilities. Comments received through the Invitation for Public Comment and eight public meetings are summarized in the draft report [Download the Report – 83 Page PDF]

October 2016 — Moving Forward with Consent–Based Siting for Nuclear Waste Facilities [Bipartisan Policy Center] — For decades, the United States has been grappling with the problem of what to do with the tens of thousands of tons of spent nuclear fuel and high–level radioactive waste generated by the nation's commercial nuclear power industry and defense programs. Despite many efforts by the executive branch, Congress, industry, citizen groups and others—and despite the expenditure of billions of dollars, the United States still has no workable, long–term plan for permanently disposing of these wastes. Meanwhile, the federal government's financial liability for failing to meet its contractual obligation to accept spent fuel from the nation's commercial nuclear power reactors—a liability that is already in the billions of dollars—increases with every year of continued paralysis and delay — bipartisanpolicy.org [Download Summary Report - 2 Page PDF]

October 10, 2016 — U.S. Navy Sets Plans to Upgrade Idaho Spent Fuel Facility —The Associated Press reported October 3 that the Navy and U.S. Department of Energy want to build a $1.6 billion facility at a nuclear site in eastern Idaho that would handle fuel waste from the nation's fleet of nuclear-powered warships through at least 2060 —theenergycollective.com

October 2016 — Moving Forward with Consent – Based Siting for Nuclear Waste Facilities: For decades, the United States has been grappling with the problem of what to do with the tens of thousands of tons of spent nuclear fuel and high–level radioactive waste generated by the nation's commercial nuclear power industry and defense programs. Despite many efforts by the executive branch, Congress, industry, citizen groups and others — and despite the expenditure of billions of dollars, the United States still has no workable, long-term plan for permanently disposing of these wastes — BPC Nuclear Waste Council [36 Page PDF]

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