he geological history of Eureka County has resulted in an area rich in mineral resources. Gold is currently by far the most important of the county's minerals, both for the value of the product and for the effect of gold mining on the economy and employment of Eureka County and Nevada overall.

Eureka County is one of Nevada's and indeed the world's principal gold producers, and exploration activity as well as estimated reserves indicate that gold mining will continue in the county for ten to twenty years, depending upon gold prices.

Geothermal resources, oil and gas also are present in the county, with producing oil wells and a geothermal supply for a nearby power plant. With increased global energy demand, energy exploration and production in Eureka County should continue.

Various other mineral resources in the county including molybdenum, gemstones, and aggregates also are present in economic quantities, have been produced in the county in the past or are currently mined, and will be produced in the future as markets create demand for the products.

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