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July 05, 2002

Pam Jarnecke
Environmental Coordinator
Bureau of Land Management
Battle Mountain Field Office
50 Bastian Road
Battle Mountain, NV 89820

RE: Piedmont Project EIS Scoping

Dear Ms. Jarnecke:

Please excuse the late response to your letter requesting scoping comments on the above referenced project.

Scoping should consider the potential impacts and conflicts with the proposed rail line that the Department of Energy may build to Yucca Mountain from Beowawe. The DOE has released a "final" EIS (without the public notices to indicate its finality). Eureka County issued an Impact Assessment Report last year, which systematically identifies the impacts that we expect from the rail line construction and operation. Both of these documents should be considered during the preparation of the draft EIS for the Piedmont project.

If you have questions, please contact Jon Hutchings, Natural Resource Department director at 775/237-6010 or me at 775/882-0296.

Thank you for soliciting our views.

Abby Johnson
Nuclear Waste Advisor
Eureka County

cc: Leonard Fiorenzi, Jon Hutchings

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