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  • 12/20/99 -- Guinn seeks expanded NTS ground water tests  Gov. Kenny Guinn (NV) has asked the U.S. Department of Energy for an extra $40 million to expand the monitoring of ground water for radiation contamination at the Nevada Test Site from hundreds of nuclear weapons exploded from 1951 until 1992. The governor said in a letter to Energy Secretary Bill Richardson that estimates of ground water contamination may extend beyond 300 square miles. The Test Site encompasses 1 million square miles. Contamination depths may range from 500 to 5,000 feet, Guinn said -- By Mary Manning, Las Vegas Sun

  • 12/16/99 -- Test site gains contaminated land  The Energy Department made it official Wednesday: The Nevada Test Site has grown by nearly 200 square miles thanks to some surface contamination from a 1968 nuclear test and President Clinton's signature on a law this year -- By Keith Rogers Las Vegas Review-Journal

    Preferred Alternative for LLW Disposal Sites

    DOE's preferred alternative for LLW disposal is to establish regional LLW disposal at two DOE sites: Hanford and NTS. Specifically, Hanford and NTS would each dispose of its own LLW on-site, and would receive and dispose of LLW that is generated and shipped from other sites and meets the waste acceptance criteria. DOE Waste Management Sites and Operations(Use of the term "regional" would not impose geographical restrictions on which DOE sites could ship LLW to Hanford or NTS for disposal.) In addition, disposal operations at INEEL, LANL, ORR, and SRS would continue, consistent with current practice and to the extent practicable. LANL and ORR would continue disposal of LLW generated on-site. INEEL and SRS would continue to dispose of LLW generated on-site or by the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program. DOE's current preferred alternative for LLW disposal is a combination of the preferred LLW disposal alternative identified in the Final WM PEIS (i.e., regionalized disposal at two DOE sites—Hanford and NTS) and the Decentralized Alternative described in the Final WM PEIS (on-site disposal of on-site generated LLW—INEEL, LANL, ORR, and SRS).

    Preferred Alternative for MLLW Disposal Sites

    The Department's preferred alternative for MLLW disposal is to establish regional MLLW disposal operations at two DOE sites: Hanford and NTS. Specifically, Hanford and NTS would each dispose of its own MLLW on-site, and would receive and dispose of MLLW generated and shipped by other sites, consistent with permit conditions and other applicable requirements. Therefore, DOE's current preferred alternative for MLLW disposal is the preferred MLLW disposal alternative identified in the Final WM PEIS.

  • 11/08/999 Agency to adopt test site plan on contamination  The Energy Department will follow a panel's advice for the forecasting of effects at a blast area in Nevada.  The Energy Department will use a blue-ribbon panel's critique of computer models when evaluating how far contamination from underground nuclear tests might spread in 1,000 years at the Nevada Test Site -- By Keith Rogers Las Vegas Review-Journal

  • 10/16/99 State starts check of contamination models  - - A probe of claims by a scientific panel, which examines the movement of debris from below-ground nuclear tests, is ordered by the governor  - - State Nuclear Projects Agency chief Bob Loux said Friday he is investigating claims by a scientific panel that computer models are flawed for predicting movements of contaminants from below-ground nuclear tests at the Nevada Test Site -- By Keith Rogers Las Vegas Review-Journal

  • 10/06/99 -- DOE told to conduct more tests on water at Test Site   The final independent report on the Department of Energy's ground water plan for Frenchman Flat -- a plan that will lay out how the DOE will clean up decades worth of contamination from nuclear explosions at the Nevada Test Site -- says the department needs to go back and measure underground radiation before its plan will work -- By Mary Manning LAS VEGAS SUN

  • 09/01/99 -- Congressional probe urged in waste shipments to NTS  A nuclear watchdog group has called for a congressional investigation into LawrenceLivermore National Laboratory after it was discovered the lab shipped illegal toxins mixed in radioactive waste to the Nevada Test Site -- By Mary Manning LAS VEGAS SUN

  • 08/26/99 -- Report: Test site models flawed  Scientists lack the data to predict radioactive releases from nuclear test cavities, an independent panel says.  Computer models designed to forecast radioactive releases from cavities left by nuclear weapons tests in Nevada have serious flaws and lack the data to support them, according to an independent panel of scientists who reviewed the models - By Keith Rogers Las Vegas Review-Journal

  • 06/29/99 -- Ohio nuke waste on its way again: Shipments will bypass Southern Nevada  The transportation of nuclear waste from an Ohio facility to the Nevada Test Site hasresumed, the Department of Energy reported Monday -- By Art Nadler, Las Vegas Sun

  • 06/29/99 -- DOE to discuss nuclear issues  The Department of Energy's Community Advisory Board for Nevada Test Site programs will meet at 6 p.m. on July 7 in Beatty, 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas -- Las Vegas Sun

  • 06/25/99 -- Nuclear cleanups fall short  The Department of Energy has spent billions of dollars on ground water and soil cleanups at the nation's nuclear weapons facilities, including three sites in Nevada, but current methods fail to clean up persistent contaminants, a national panel said -- By Mary Manning, Las Vegas Sun

  • 05/24/99 Radioactive waste set to be trucked on state's roads -- Feinstein, Boxer object to circuitous routes to Nevada nuclear dump site   Over the protests of both California senators, trucks bearing tons of low-level radioactive waste from around the country may start rumbling through the Golden State's desert near Death Valley next month on a circuitous path to a dump site in Nevada -- By Eric Rosenberg SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER

  • 05/21/99 County fears nuke threat to river -- Transportation of waste will take place for 70 years  A Clark County official outlined the risks to Southern Nevada's drinking water over 70 years as thousands of nuclear-waste shipments cross the Colorado River -- By Mary Manning LAS VEGAS SUN

  • 05/14/99 -- State of Nevada Comments on the U.S. Department of Energy's draft Request for Proposal (RFP) for Intermodal Low-Level Radioactive Waste Transportation Services from Fernald, Ohio to the Nevada Test Site.

  • 05/10/99 -- Nevada Test Site (NTS) to export radioactive waste -- Plutonium-soiled material will be transported to New Mexico, but not for another two years, officials report. After being the dumping ground waste storage at NTS-- 70-gallon steel drumsfor decades worth of radioactive waste from the nation's nuclear weapons complex, the Nevada Test Site, for a change, will be exporting its plutonium-tainted remnants of the Cold War -- By Keith Rogers Review-Journal, Photo by Gary Thompson

  • 05/05/99 -- DOE: No plans to ship Ohio waste through Las Vegas area -- Shipping companies bidding to transport low-level nuclear waste from Ohio have no intention of taking routes through Henderson or Boulder City, a Department of Energy spokesman said. . . . -- By Mary Manning LAS VEGAS SUN

  • 04/30/99 Fernald waste facing roadblocks Nevada protests transport Fernald area residents don't want it. Officials in Clark County, Nev., don't even want it passing through. But roughly 3 million cubic feet of low-level radioactive waste must wind its way from the former uranium processing plant in Crosby Township to the Nevada Test Site dumping ground -- BY RACHEL MELCER The Cincinnati Enquirer

  • 04/27/99 -- Boulder City: Objection to nuke shipments considered  Boulder City may join National Low Level Waste Transportation Routes Clark County and Henderson in a battle to keep nuclear waste from being trucked through its neighborhoods -- By Lisa Snedeker Las Vegas Sun.

  • 04/20/99 -- Battle looming over nuke transport routes  (Leaky trucks carrying low-level nuclear waste that pulled into the Nevada Test Site in 1997 caused Clark County residents and politicians to question the federal government's ability to safely transport the materials -- By Adrienne Packer LAS VEGAS SUN

  • 03/07/99 -- DOE to dig into buried parts of nuke engines (Department of Energy crews this summer will begin to bore under pits where radioactive rocket parts were buried after the development of nuclear engines in the 1960s -- By Mary Manning LAS VEGAS SUN)

  • 9/03/98 -- NewsFlash, Fernald Correcting Problems With Waste Shipments to the Nevada Test Site - AP ( Associated Press)

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