H. ACCIDENT DATA — Continued

3-Year Accident Data

Table IV-i displays three-year accident data for each study roadway. Each segment was further divided into smaller segments by County mileposts. Milepost segments were chosen based on terrain, major road intersections, NDOT district/sub-district boundaries, etc. The data show I-80 to have the most accidents, injuries, fatalities, and property-damage-only accidents. This is expected since I-80 has more traffic, higher speeds, and a mountain pass (Emigrant Pass).

10-Year Accident Data

Table IV-j displays ten-year accident data for each study roadway with I-80 having the most accidents, injuries, fatalities, and property-damage-only accidents. Accidents were then converted to an accident rate using segment length, segment traffic, and the number of segment accidents. Table IV-k displays comparative accident rates for each roadway and road segment.

I-80 near Emigrant Pass shows a higher accident rate than other segments on I-80. SR 278 shows higher accident rates in the Canyon area between Carlin and the Elko/Eureka County line.

Emigrant Pass Accident Data - I-80

Every two miles of I-80 through Eureka County was reviewed for ten-year accidents and fatalities. Table IV - l below shows that between mile posts 14 and 22 there are nearly double the amount of accidents compared to other two-mile sections of roadway. Though the total number of accidents in the Emigrant Pass area is nearly double than other sections of roadway, the number of fatalities are not substantially higher than other roadway sections. The area in bold on Table IV - l represents the Emigrant Pass section of roadway.

Work Zone Accidents

Work zone accident information over the past 10 years, obtained from NDOT are displayed in
Table IV - m below.

Specific Event #1 - NDOT Employee Work Zone Accident Death (~2000)

Another work zone accident event emerged in interviews with NDOT staff that was not included in the work zone accidents list. According to NDOT and County staff, in the early 2000's one NDOT maintenance worker was killed and others maimed due to a truck driver who fell asleep at the wheel in a construction zone. This event was located in Emigrant Pass (see Exhibit 3b.)

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