Apencix C —Photographs of May, 2005 Carlin derailment

1: Coal-car derailment and wreck at the Carlin, Turner Gas off-loading site.

2: Another angle of the coal-car wreckage.

3 (upper-left), 4 (upper-right), 5 (bottom): Hub sheared off, shows evidence of metal fatigue. Determined to be the cause of the accident/derail by on-site investigators.

6 (upper), 7 (lower-left), 8 (lower-right): Photographs of the wreckage and its proximity to the Turner Gas Co. storage facility.

9: Rail track moved by a coal-car. The initial wreckage was two lines over, approximately 160-200 ft. from this particular line. This line was very near the Turner Gas Co. rail cars.

Top Left - 10: Aftermath of the hub shearing off on a new section ot track.
Top Right - 11: Close-up of picture 10. The new rail was completely sheared off.

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