Comments of Eureka County, NV
DEIS for a Geologic Repository for the
Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel and High-Level Radioactive Waste
at Yucca Mountain, Nye County, NV
(DOE, July 1999)


List of Acronyms Used in These Comments

BLM -  Bureau of Land Management (Department of Interior)
DEIS -  Draft Environmental Impact Statement
CFR -  Code of Federal Regulations
DOE -  Department of Energy
FAA -  Federal Aviation Administration
FEIS -  Final Environmental Impact Statement
HLW -  high level radioactive waste
LCF -  latent cancer fatality
LEPC -  Local Emergency Preparedness Committee
MRS -  monitored retrievable storage
NAS -  Naval Air Station
NEPA -  National Environmental Policy Act
NDEP -  Nevada's Division of Environmental Protection
NRS -  Nevada Revised Statutes
NV -  Nevada
NWPA -  Nuclear Waste Policy Act, as amended
R&D -  research and development
SNF -  spent nuclear fuel
UP -  Union Pacific
USC -  United States Code
USFS -  United States Forest Service (Department of Agriculture)
USEPA -  United States Environmental Protection Agency
VA -  Veterans' Administration


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