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This map shows the location of the spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste destined for geologic disposal at Yucca Mountain if it is approved as a permanent geologic repository. (61K)
General location Map -- Yucca Mountain Site map of southern Californian and Nevada. The Map shows the general location of Yucca Mountain (Expandable image is 15KB)
NTS General Land Use Map -- full view 146KB This map shows Land Use Zones designated on the Nevada Test Site (NTS). Yucca Mountain is located in Area 25 of the NTS -- bottom left corner of the map. This area was designated the specific land use categories titled "Yucca Mt. Site Characterizations." The Land-Use Map was developed by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) as part of the NTS Site-Wide Environmental Impact Statement. The NTS comprises 1,350 square miles of land and is located approximately 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada. (Expandable image is 640 pixel width, 146KB -- large file download)
Nevada Test Site Relief Map -- Large view is 200 KB This is a shaded relief map ot the Nevada Test Site (NTS). Note the location of Yucca Mountain on the south western border of the NTS. (Expandable image is 640 pixel width, 200KB -- large file download)
Part of the "Potential Rail Alignment Corridors Study prepared for the U.S. Department of Energy. The map shows the revised potential rail routes for transportation of nuclear waste through Nevada to Yucca Mountain. (Expandable view is 60KB, width is 800 pixels)
Potential heavy hall truck shipments for spent nuclear fuel and High Level Waste to Yucca Mountain. (Expandable view is 64KB -- width is 700 pixels)
Potential legal weight truck routes for shipping spent nuclear fuel and High Level Waste to Yucca Mountain  (Expandable view is 59KB -- width is 700 pixels)
Potential Rail Alignment Corridors
to Yucca Mountain
This is a magnified portion of the map from the "Potential Rail Alignment Corridors Study prepared by Morrison-Knudsen, Boise, Idaho, 1997". It focuses on the section of the proposed rail route that goes through Eureka County. (18K)
Detailed rail corridor -- Eureka and Lander Counties This is a detailed site map of the DOE proposed Carlin rail route in Eureka County. The shaded area marks the five mile wide corridor currently under study  (Expandable view is 150KB)
This is another less detailed view of the recently modified Carlin rail route. Red area shows the five mile wide study corridor, which leaves the UP tracks at Beowawe and cuts through Eureka County in a southwesterly direction. The route then passes through Crescent Valley on its way to Lander County. (89K)

This map shows the statewide transportation routes that DOE proposed for rail shipments of nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain before they were revised in 1997. (30k)

This map shows how the land is used in Eureka County. It is divided mainly between public rangeland, private rangeland, and mining, agricultural, and urban areas. (76K)
This map of Eureka County has an older, outdated version of the proposed rail corridor; however, it does give the locations of existing ranches in Eureka County that may possibly conflict with a rail route for transportation of nuclear waste. (27k)
This map depicts existing and historic rail corridors in central Nevada, along with the old version of the potential Carlin rail route for shipment of high-level nuclear waste. (23K)
This map of Eureka County depicts private lands along with the old version of the Carlin rail route. (38K)
This map shows the locations of existing mines in and near Eureka County. (124K)
This map shows the the population density of Eureka County as of 1995. (100K)

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